IKEA is NOT a Trend—it’s a Lifestyle!

ThongsYeezyswalletschokersbucket hats, track pants, and pollution masks—what do these wearable items all have in common? They’ve all been made out of IKEA bags. The blue, crinkly, logo-emblazoned $0.99 Frakta bag first gained internet attention in April 2017 for rivaling a similar (but way more expensive) Balenciaga tote.

Who would have thought that a contender for 2017’s reigning aesthetic would emerge from the realm of economy-designed, model-of-Swedish-efficiency, meatball-and-lignonberry-slinging IKEA superstores? If you think about it, it actually makes sense. The DIY IKEA trend started off as an ironic joke, but birthed creations that were surprisingly strong, versatile, and fashionable.

The DIY IKEA trend turned an absurd notion into something immensely practical. And for all the craziness of the year 2017, that gives us hope. That’s why this summer, we’re reviving the DIY IKEA spirit of taking what you have and making it into something great.*

*non-Trump style