Cameron Tharp is a budding photographer in Houston, TX with a gifted eye for space and color. His works capture the subtle relationship individuals have with their surroundings, whether natural or man-made, evoking senses of nostalgia and strength. With each subject-centric photograph he manages to also pay homage to the purlieu that lent him its beauty. We at BKBT are so pleased to debut our collaboration with Cameron and discuss his views on photography.

When/How did you get started in photography?

I started my photography around 2011/2012 in my sophomore year of high school. My family decided to take a trip to the Bahamas one Christmas, gifting me a beginner’s Canon EOS T3 with the duty of documenting our vacation.

What drew you to photography?

After I got my first DSLR my interest in photography grew due to my friends having similar interest in the hobby. My two close friends, Rachel and Pablo, started photography around the same time as I did (slightly before me). Though we grew up in the hobby together, we’ve each established our own unique styles.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would describe my style as having roots in film mimicry: dull highlights, slight graininess, uncovered shadows and reduced clarity. My photos are usually set in a city or suburban landscape with wide angles and powerful context. I have the tendency to take away some of the spotlight on the model and give it to the landscape. Framing of my photos consists of the model being centered, usually from an obscure angle from above or below; I find this to give the photo more depth and meaning.

Are there any artists or works that have inspired you?

Kelia Anne MacCluskey (@kelianne) has been a big inspiration to my work for years, she’s one of the most creative artists in the industry right now. I also find inspiration through a group of creatives I’m honored to be a part of (@hivecreatives).

What’s next for you?

I’m immediately focused on growing as an artist and developing my style on a more intense level; more shoots, collaboration and making more of a presence in the art community.