all rights reserved to Smino

The month of March has brought us some fire music with the phenomenal debut of St Louis crooner Smino. For those who are unaware of who Smino is, place him on your radar with a quickness before he’s all over the radio. A great place to familiarize yourself with his sound is his album, blkswn (pronounced black swan). The album has some flame cuts opening track ‘irish wild roses’, ‘Long Run W Via Rosa’, ‘Anita’ & Silk Pillows. To hear the entire vision don’t skip a track, because the way Smino weaves in and out of a rhythm it’s something to behold. He uses his voice as an instrument

and his wordplay is great as well.


all rights reserved to GORILLAZ

Something I didn’t know was happening to 2017, but the GORILLAZ are back…After a tease for many months the animated group come out of hiatus after leaving us dry for a whopping 7 years. We won’t bite the hand that feeds as Gorillaz’ music definitely delivers and some. Tracks like ‘ and the brilliant track featuring Vince Staples. The way Gorillaz blend so many genres without getting lost, and maintaining their freedom of artistic expression. It truly reminds us why we fell in love with them on Clint Eastwood so many years ago.


all rights reserved to GOLDLINK

Goldlink…Goldlink, Goldlink, GOLDLINK! What can I say about this man that hasn’t been said about great musicians and artist from the past: Prolific, fresh, pushes the pendulum with new waves. He’s shaking it up, and the best part about it, is he’s been doing it for a while. What makes Goldlink’s music standout is the gumbo great production, meeting tongue in cheek lyrics, along with a true talent for melody. Give his latest album ’At what cost’ the album features some next level production from Kaytranada, featuring guest appearances from Jazmine Sullivan, Shy Glizzy, Wale and Radiant Children and more.

This is not an album you want to sleep on.


“Herside Story” the insanely infectious, but too short “CREW” featuring Shy Glizzy, and “Same Clothes as Yesterday”