BKBT Concept is proud to welcome Posture Magazine to our storefront.

Posture Magazine is an online and print magazine, representing the queer lifestyle as an art form. Posture is the voice that boldly speaks the story once untold as it ingeniously examines human sexuality, identity, and gender through the captivating filter of sheer artistry. The magazine focuses on remarkable individuals who push the boundaries of society’s pressures to conform to once rigid standards. Through the amalgamation of groundbreaking art, music, fashion, film and creative events, this magazine serves as a platform for similarly-minded visionaries. Posture aims to push its audience into the realm of self-discovery and interpersonal acceptance with the ease of an unfettered freedom.

We are excited to announce that Issue II is now available right here at BKBT Concept. This issue delivers breathtaking imagery, unique stories and perspectives surrounding personal identity and the artistic statement upon vibrant, glossy pages. Each volume is an art collection in itself, and yours to truly treasure.

At BKBT Concept, we stand firmly behind this movement towards enlightenment, empowerment, expression and self-acceptance. Our unisex fashion is analogous to personal freedom as our gender-less styles allow the ability of choice without assumptions. Together, we hope to be another link in the chain that will re-define beauty standards.